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As any new mum (or dad) can tell you, the first one to two weeks after bringing home a new baby is incredibly rewarding but can also be challenging, exhausting and overwhelming, especially when a new mum is establishing breastfeeding.

We have recognised this and our team of dedicated and experienced Midwives and Carers offer new mums:

Assistance with breastfeeding and attachment issues
Help with sleep and settling techniques
Advice on caring for a newborn
General support and guidance
Help around the home

Our Midwives and Carers come to your home and can stay for as little as half an hour (after the intial consultation) and can be for up to 24 hours, if that is what you need. The most difficult time for new mums can be over night and our Midwives can stay over night to provide back up and support and even respite for you to get some sleep.

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