Our Care Givers

We know that our care givers are our most important asset!

All our Professional caregivers are selected for their kindness, common sense, competence, compassion and tolerance. A sense of humour is also a must.

We have a wonderful team of multi-skilled caregivers, some of whose background include nursing experience and trainee nursing staff in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

All our caregivers are interviewed and personally assessed by Natalie and her team, their references are thoroughly checked and we also police screen all of our caregivers to ensure peace of mind. Their credentials and references are scrutinized and security checks are required.

Continuity of care

We believe strongly in the value of continuity of care. By matching our caregivers to the individual client and ensuring they work with that client as often as possible it naturally builds strong trusting relationships.

Non medical duties and care

While our caregivers are adaptable, versatile and willing to carry out a number of duties, they are not qualified to undertake general nursing duties and may not administer restricted drugs.

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