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“real generosity toward the future lies in giving to the present”
We are one, our cause is one, and we must help each other; if we are to succeed.
-Frederick Douglass

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Currently seeking donations for these current non-profit organisations

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SIGN PETITION: Stop war, stop killing people in syria, stop the war

At ITI Care, Natalie stays connected with close individuals of NGO (non-governmental organizations) who work directly with children in refugee camps. You can come back to our sight and see videos and pictures, on how just by being a client at ITI Care Inc or by donating. You are helping create a positive change for these children during the most traumatic time of their life by providing resources, such as food, shelter, medical services, psychiatric services etc. that they could quite possibly not survive without.

Check out this video: BZv0Tj3FQXF
In this video, the little girl our volunteer Ryan is speaking with has been orphaned due to the war happening in Syria. She is waiting for her parents to come and get her, and Ryan is trying to comfort her by letting her know he will be her family now. It is truly heartbreaking what these children have gone through.


TO SPONSOR A SHELTER DOG: Thai Street Paws Rescue


My name is Tamara and I am an Australian teacher, living in the south of Thailand where I have my rescue called ‘Thai Street Paws’. My mission here is to rescue, adopt, sterilize, treat and love as many street dogs as possible.

Right now we URGENTLY need your help, as the Thai government is suggesting the idea that ALL 9 million street dogs should be killed. I’m currently housing 76 dogs that I have rescued from the streets but I still have 34 more that are living outside. With every single day that passes – they are at risk of being captured and killed by the government or the locals.

I’m quickly running out of money and am on my last legs financially. If I don’t get enough donations soon, I will be forced to close down my shelter. I hate the thought that all of the 76 rescued dogs that I’m currently taking care of might have to be let back out into the dangerous streets once again, where their chances of survival are slim.

What I currently need the money for:

  • Food (we don’t have enough food here for all of the dogs)
  • Vaccinations, sterilisations and medical care (dogs are sick and need medical care but right now I cannot help any of them as I cannot afford medical bills)
  • Expanding my shelter (my plan is to be able to save my 34 dogs that are still living outside and if possible, in the future I’d like to keep sheltering more dogs.)

I have adopted out countless dogs to places like New York, Los Angeles and other major cities. They have been given a second chance – a new life. With your help, I will be able to continue to do this for more dogs and save them from their impending deaths.

Please help me keep my rescue open. I won’t last much longer without enough funds.

Thank you for caring!
Tamara J.

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